StrikeFour (Connect 4) 2.9


StrikeFour - four in a line with smooth graphics, challenging AI and multiplayer

StrikeFour is a free turn based puzzle game similar to Connect Four, Four in a Line or "Vier Gewinnt" with vs. Human, vs. AI, vs. Bluetooth and Online mode.

Click to select a column, click again to drop your chip.
The first player who connects at least four chips vertically, horizontally or diagonal wins.

This version features:
- Smooth OpenGL rendered graphics
- Strong AI player from easy to insane (highend device recommended for insane)
- Bluetooth multiplayer mode to challenge your friends
- Online multiplayer mode with ELO rating system, badges & OpenFeint ELO ranking
- 7x7 field instead of 7x6 thus eliminating the "first player wins" condition
- Game can be minimized during play - sending you a notification when it's your turn again
- A total of 15 achievements to be unlocked through OpenFeint
- OpenFeint leaderboards to compare your skills with other players

Online Play Hints:
This game mode features an ELO ranking system, player stats and OpenFeint integration.
It is possible to minimize StrikeFour or turn off the screen while searching opponents on devices with at least 256 MB RAM.
You will receive a status bar notification and the device vibrates if a match is found.
Important: Background opponent search terminates automatically after 10 minutes to prevent unintended battery drain.

INTERNET, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE are required for multiplayer and used by OpenFeint / Admob
WAKELOCK and BLUETOOTH permissions are required for multiplayer

HINT: Sometimes ingame pairing of bluetooth adapters fails (HTC Wildfire), pair in android settings in this case.

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File size:3.29MB

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